Attraction is third time: Ha wins his first bracelet

Attraction is third time: Ha wins his first bracel...

New WSOP 2023 champion revealed, this time pro Thai Ha able to get thorn past the top few year and win.

Marcos Exterkotter finished 8th.

Event #83 $1,500 Short Deck After two days of intense competition, it concluded Thursday night with 363 registered competitors Won a generous prize pool with a price of $484,605.

Ha, Twice WSOP Finalist, both Short Deck No Limit Hold’em With a bracelet and a $111,170 prize pool, the Vietnamese were ecstatic to finally win in this format.

“It feels great.” Short Deck is my most played game, and I’ve finished second twice. In any case, it would be nice not to finish second again this time around. “The champion commented.

“I think this set of cards is short. “It’s my strongest style. I have some experience in this mode, so I feel comfortable in heads-up, but I don’t have an easy opponent.”

At the same time, Latin Armada One of 55 players to take the money from Horseshoe and Paris in Las Vegas, Marcos Exterkotter was the biggest entrant, finishing eighth name, corresponding to $8,586.

Another standout player in the region was Julio Belluscio, who finished 27th with $3,522. There are also great players like Dario Sammartino and Patrick Leonard, who are coming up at the ITM tournament. Papo MC and Yuri Martins, while sitting at the table, did not have the same luck.

Attraction is third time: Ha wins his first bracel...

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  • The text discusses the results of the WSOP 2023 tournament, where Thai Ha emerged as the champion in the Short Deck event. Marcos Exterkotter finished 8th, while other notable players like Julio Belluscio, Dario Sammartino, and Patrick Leonard also participated.

  • This text provides information about the 2023 WSOP champion, Thai Ha, winning the Event #83 $1,500 Short Deck tournament. It also mentions the performance and payouts of other notable players in the competition.

  • This text provides information about the new champion of the WSOP 2023, Thai Ha, who won the Event #83 $1,500 Short Deck tournament and expressed his excitement about winning in this format. It also mentions the notable performances of Marcos Exterkotter and Julio Belluscio, as well as the presence of other renowned players in the tournament.

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