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World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

The World Poker Tour returns to Florida’s iconic casino and hotel, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. The casino, easily recognizable by its structural shape, is reminiscent of a large electric guitar.

The occasion is to celebrate a new festival, which begins on April 3rd and lasts until the 23rd. Same month.

The long-awaited championship match will also be held at the festival!

The event, which has a buy-in of $3,500 and a guaranteed prize pool of up to $3,000,000, will take place from April 19-23.

But the news is part of the festival and things don’t end there: The World Poker Tour, taking place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel on April 18 at 11 a.m., offers a live event with well-known poker figures Brad Owen and Vince Van Patten for the opportunity to attend special game sessions together. A unique opportunity that all festival attendees should take advantage of.

So if you get the chance, don’t miss the festival in unforgettable locations, with unique encounters and the chance to win big prizes while feeling the competitive adrenaline rush of the game.

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown @WPT Party Game with Brad Owen and Vince Van Patten Thursday, April 18 at 11am Click

— Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (@shrpo) March 20, 2024

World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

Exercises to improve grinder performance

Exercises to improve grinder performance

Today is a great day to learn seven habits that will improve you as a poker player. You may drop some exercises, but over time they will become a habit that, if followed, will lead you to improve your game. Exercise

Below you will find a list. But please note that these are not a substitute for thoughtful drama or theater study. However, thanks to their applications, you can focus more on these tasks. Habit

  • Sit as if you were sitting at the card table

Many poker players slouch at the card table, which can lead to back and muscle tension. This can lead to increased fatigue and associated severe pain, especially after hours of playing, causing you to no longer be able to concentrate 100%.

Successful poker players know the importance of maintaining good posture at the poker table: feet parallel and flat on the floor, torso centered, head balanced and relaxed, arms relaxed and moving relatively freely – this will help you avoid the physical tension that inevitably affects your skills and focus.

  • Take a deep breath at the beginning of a meeting

Good table posture is essential to staying focused.

If you talk to a personal trainer or yoga teacher, they will tell you how important breathing is during any activity. As you sit at your desk in a comfortable and calm position, take a few deep breaths. You’ll find that this simple exercise has a powerful relaxing effect and improves your ability to maintain emotional control and make good gaming decisions.

Breathing helps maintain energy and focus, especially when playing poker for long periods of time.

  • Take frequent breaks

Okay, we get it, no one wants to leave the dinner table when everything is going well. But standing up and stretching every 60-90 minutes is a good habit that becomes a must for any successful poker player.

Stretching and exercising (even for just a few minutes) can improve circulation. It also allows you to evaluate your gaming performance, whether your tables are profitable, and whether you are in the right mental and/or emotional state to continue playing.

  • Find your own routines and habits

Every poker hand requires a series of small movements and movements; doing it in the same way is another way to avoid distractions and learn to focus on the important parts of the game A good way.

At the beginning of each hand, take out your cards, hold up one corner and look at it while protecting it with the other hand. Remember them, place them back in the middle of the table, and protect them with a card protector.

If you learn to execute these gestures smoothly and efficiently, you will stay relaxed at the table and project the image of a confident player in the eyes of your opponents.

  • Counting the Pots

This should also become a habit, one that is automatic and goes unnoticed. Counting pots is not an easy thing to do at first for those who are not used to it: do it in an obvious way, even if it slows you down a bit. This will soon become routine.

If you can always calculate the size of the pot in your head, you will never slow down in your poker game, even if you find yourself in a significant pot and facing difficulties. Decision-making: short means you eliminate possible judgment.

  • Be decisive when betting

Develop a routine even if you have to bet or fold. For example, you can pause for a few seconds before making a move, even though it’s not necessary because he already knows you’re going to fold.

Decide how much you want to bet before you announce your bet, gather the chips you need in front of you, and then take decisive steps to invest them in the pot. This way, you’ll avoid the potential pitfalls that many inexperienced players get into due to indecision, while also instilling confidence in the situation.

  • Poker players smile!

Many players have a serious poker face because they think it is a good way to scare their opponents. In fact, this attitude is likely to make opponents suspicious, cautious, stressed and risk-averse. Are you sure you want this in poker? Generally speaking, the happier and friendlier a poker player is, the more relaxed his opponents are and the more willing they are to take risks.

Building this positive habit does not guarantee success. To become a good poker player, you have to learn a lot more. However, by incorporating them into your game, you can better focus your efforts on the decisions that will make your game profitable.

Exercises to improve grinder performance

Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Sunday Million PKO match

Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Su...

In the race to win the Sunday Million for the second time, Brazil has two players at the final table. Paulo Pinto had to call for two outs to continue after “twonior” bowed out in the 8-man game.

Carioca was the shortest stack owner in the 6-man field when he folded with 9♣9♠ and immediately pushed all-in for 7 BBS. Right on the button, “triceratops333” was the only one to call and put A?A♥ on the table.

On the flop of 7♣9♦4♦, Paulo had the advantage, but the turn of 6 left the Irishman with a flush draw. Then the river card 2♥ confirmed the Brazilian’s title.

Before suffering a crushing defeat, “triceratops333” used the help of the deck to finish off “twonior”. With 7♣6♥ against A♣K♣, he got on the board with 4♥9♣7♠10♣8♠ and won another bounty.

In addition to the bounty, Paulo can also earn up to $56,115 in the Sunday Million.

Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Su...

Henrik Juncker wins FPS Paris High Roller Championship

Henrik Juncker wins FPS Paris High Roller Champion...

Pro Henrik Juncker’s first European Poker Tour title is undisputed. The leaders of the final day of Event 13: €2,200 NL Hold’em, also a Frace Poker Series tournament, took just a few hours to defeat their last three opponents. The win netted the Dane a total of €544,790 in prize money.

The Junkers game started last night. In a six-man tiebreaker, he doubled his stack when he flopped J♥J♠ over Omar Del Pino’s K♠J♣.

Junkers have followed in the footsteps of the leaders, started collecting knockouts and never stopped. He ultimately had to defeat grinder Parker Talbot in a heads-up match to be crowned champion.

On the final hand, Talbot played A♣3♣ and went all-in. Juncker then raised to 3,500,000 and saw his opponent push his chips into the middle of the table. CL-Instacall reveals A♥J♣. The 10◆5♠Q♣4♥J◆ board confirmed Junker’s victory and he won the pot.

Event 13 had 1,794 entrants. The Brazilian team performed well in the competition, with Bráulio Bianchetti from Minas Gerais finishing in 24th place and receiving €13,570 in prize money.

See how much each finalist won from a prize pool of €3,448,320:

1. Henrik Juncker (Denmark) €544,790

2. Parker Talbot (Canada) €334,180

3. Guillermo Gordo (Spain) €238,700

4. Omar del Pino (Spain) €183,590

5. Michel Leibgorin (France) €141,220

6. Rony Halimi (France) €108,670

7. Sun Yunsheng (China) 83,600 euros

8. Then there’s Assouline (France) for €64,310

9. Sonny Franco (France) €49,460

Henrik Juncker wins FPS Paris High Roller Champion...

Pedro Padilha struggled on the river and finished in second place for the $1,050 Sunday Main Event

Pedro Padilha struggled on the river and finished...

With hopes of winning Sunday’s $1,050 Main Event, Pedro Padilha is just one card away from claiming another GGPoker High Roller title. He was eliminated in heads-up play for $59,551.

Padilha spent much of his time in the FT fighting for the lead. In the four-player game, when he flipped A♦9♦ against “PDC Mayor”‘s 5♥5♣, he hit the board directly with 10♠10♥6♥Q♣Q♠ and took the lead.

A few steps later, Padilla sent “SpyceSausage” home as well. He held K♥10♠ against A♠5♦ and won the pot with the help of an advantage of 3♣K♣9♣2♠6♠.

With a 15-bet lead, Padilha saw Tomi Brook react quickly, but the Brazilian prevailed, driving the Finn to the wall.

Brouk had 14 Bbs, called Padilha’s all-in, and showed A 7♠. Brouk held K♥9♥ and found 9♣ to defeat Padilha.

With the two still fairly close, the winner was decided like this:

With blinds of 175,000/350,000, Padilha bet 45,000, raised to 700,000, and received a call. When the flop came 8♠K♣2♣, Padilha c-bet to 491,700 before Brouk check-raised to 1,575,000. On the Q♥ turn, Brouk bet 2,275,000. Padilha then called, only to see the river 6♥. With more chips in hand, Brooke went all-in. Padilha thought long and hard before calling with Q♠J. With K♥9♦, Brouk finished the game.

Pedro Padilha struggled on the river and finished...

Bruno Porto wins KSOP GGPoker South America for the third time

Bruno Porto wins KSOP GGPoker South America for th...

Bruno Porto’s impressive debut wasn’t enough. With two titles under his belt, he also won Event No. 56: the R$1,000 NL Hold’em Kings Turbo (124 entries). The 2023 runner-up left 123 opponents behind to win R$ 23,000.

Ademilson Costa’s performance was even more eye-catching. In Event 49: R$2,000 NL Hold’em 8-Max, he topped out from 49 entrants and topped up with R$27,500.

Soon after, in Event 55: R$500 NL Hold in the Daily Turbo, Mário Miranda (Brazil) received R$ 9,900 for being eliminated.

“shevii2k” also won again at the festival. He emerged victorious in an invitation-only tournament and received a full set of rewards for the Fortaleza event.

Bruno Porto wins KSOP GGPoker South America for th...

KSOP: Bernardo Sette bluffs Bernardo Peters

KSOP GGPoker SA: Bernardo Sette bluffed Bernardo P...

The level of competition in the KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event is very high. With only a few players remaining in the Main Event, by the end of the day when the final tables were formed, only three tables remained.

At the TV poker table, two friends are involved in a large pot which ultimately results in one bluff being better than the other. The blinds for this match were 25,000/50,000, with UTG’s Bernardo Sette making a small raise. The action went all the way to the big blind, where Bernardo Peters, who had beaten JJ a few minutes earlier, called. He decided to just call.

Flop Strips Come, let Peters have both ends of the straight, and Sette have the backdoor flush draw. When Peters got the call from the namesake, he decided to bet 100,000; the turn didn’t stop the big blind and he again led the way, this time with 150,000 in chips. Sette decided to call again with a flush draw.

No player hits a draw on the river. Winning the pot then became a matter of strength: Peters, with the strongest hand, entered the third pot and put 250,000 on the table, but his namesake was not convinced by his performance. Sette decided to raise again to 730,000, bringing the total number of chips in the pot to 1,800,000.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Bernardo Sette bluffed Bernardo P...

KSOP GGPoker SA: Felipe Mojave opens odds on Ultra HR

Felipe Mojave Opens Odds on KSOP GGPoker's R$100K...

KSOP GGPoker’s South American leg will begin next week, and it will be a historic leg. In addition to a hefty guarantee of BRL 50,000,000, the event in Rio de Janeiro offers a wide range of competition and good news. The latest announcement from GGPoker Ambassador Felipe Mojave is crucial for buying odds.

The globally renowned PokerStake website (formerly PocketFives), with its online leaderboards and excellent “stake” platform, offers the opportunity to sell and buy players’ stakes in various live tournaments. This approach is very common and has been a huge success throughout the community.

In fact, Daniel Negreanu is a major pioneer of the platform, selling his fantastic WSOP straights to play with his fans. Most recently, Doug Polk also Sold his stake in the Millionaire cash game, in which Mojave was an investor.

For the first time, buy and sell odds are available on PokerStake in Brazil, with KSOP GGPoker leading the charge. Felipe Mojave will be honored on the platform to kick off the practice. He’s also preparing a very special tournament for it.

Open your account now and don’t miss your chance to win cash. All transfers are made via PIX, automatically converted, and without any fees. You only need to deposit $5 Start investing now.

The star has chosen a historic super high stakes tournament that offers investors the chance to get one share with a purchase price of R$100,000. In. The star is in There is still 33% available for purchase on Sunday (21st). Just visit this link.

The tournament is one of the most anticipated and will feature many international and Brazilian poker stars. This is an opportunity to invest in a top player, support him and win big. Felipe took this opportunity to sell another 33% of his shares in Bounty Hunters SHR at a purchase price of R$ 25,000.

The choice was perfect as these are the two biggest new additions to the grid being announced on this stage. However, it’s not just Mojave that has confirmed the sale of Super High Roller buy-in percentages. For other tournaments, GGPoker Ambassadors were in attendance at the event will also take part in this new feature.

Odds for many tournaments will be available on PokerStake Stake. That is why follow all these people’s social networks and register on the site, enter your details, select The players you want to invest in and start with are very important.

Felipe Mojave Opens Odds on KSOP GGPoker's R$100K...

David Coleman tops PGT rankings after two wins in season opener

David Coleman tops PGT rankings after two wins in...

With a near-perfect performance in the PGT Kickoff, David Coleman has taken the lead in the race for the PokerGO Tour ranking title. At the moment, the American has 590 points against 429 for Canadian Kristen Foxen, who also won in the opening stage of the season.

Coleman managed to get ITM in four of the five PGT Kickoff tournaments, all with a buy-in of US$ 5,100. In all, the pro pocketed US$294,800 in prize money.

In addition to the titles in Events 1 and 4, Coleman took the silver medal in Event 3 and placed fifth in Event 3.

Everyone who finishes 2024 in the top 40 will be eligible for a million-dollar freeroll worth US$500,000 to the winner.

The leader of the standings will take home US$50,000 and the nickname of Player of the Year.

Top 10 ranking

1. David Coleman 590 points

2. Kristen Foxen 429 points

3. Dylan Weisman 265 points

4. Aram Zobian 256 points

5. Justin Young 212 points

6. Daniel Negreanu 210 points

7. Jeremy Becker 175 points

8. Viktor Ustimov 171 points

9. Samuel Laskowitz 162 points

10. Sergei Kislinskii 158 points

David Coleman tops PGT rankings after two wins in...

Faraz Jaka joins Yuri Martins and Allan Mello in grabbing bracelet at final table

Faraz Jaka joins Yuri Martins and Allan Mello in g...

Last night, another event of the 2023 World Series of Poker came to an end. Event #85: $1,500 Shotout The final table featured 10 players who had each won two cards in the previous days. The finalists included Samba Poker’s Allan Mello, NineTales’ Yuri Martins, multiple WSOP champion Adam Friedman and traveling pro Faraz Jaka – the latter of whom ended up taking home the title.

The final table lasted over nine hours and started off at a slow pace. The first elimination came when Eduard Morozkovsky lost consecutive sets and ended up in tenth place. Brazilian Allan Mello led for several laps but was eliminated in ninth place after a few unfortunate hands. Five-time bracelet winner Adam Friedman then crashed and Mo Zhou was eliminated in seventh.

Matteo Cavelier also led a few laps but dropped to sixth after his son Jakas A-Q failed to beat. Next to be eliminated was Yuri Martins Dzivielevski. After getting 2 BBs and doubling several times, his TQ lost to his opponent’s TT and he fell.

The next ones to fall were Chen Ao and Olga Ilmocheva, followed closely by Faraz Jaka and Michael Feinstein, and the last two were still players leave.

The final duel didn’t last long as Faraz called Michaels all-in with a straight on the river. It was the American’s first bracelet, and he won $237,367.

Final results (USD):

1 Faraz Jaka (US) – $237,367 USD

2 Michael Finstein (US) – $146,686

3 Olga Iermolcheva (Ukraine) – $109,780

4 Ao Chen (USA) – $109,780

5 Yuri Martins (Brazil) – $63,295

6 Matteo Cavelier ( France) – $47,772

7 Mo Zhou (China) – $37,955

8 Adam Friedman (USA) – $29,834

9 Allan Mello (Brazil) – $23,689

10 Edward Mroczkowski (USA) – $19,003

Faraz Jaka joins Yuri Martins and Allan Mello in g...

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