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Abílio Moço wins HighS title at Brazil Suprema

Abílio Moço wins HighS title at Brazil Suprema

In yesterday’s Suprema Brazil’s 11th straight match, several players scored big wins and increased budgets. In the R$2,500 HighS 250K GTD, Abílio “Galhetinhas” Moço lost R$69,081 against 112 opponents.

“TorbiarzXD” in turn earned a reputation as the winner of the R $250 Battle 250K GTD. He was the first out of 1,012 entrants to win R$36,110.

Show more results:

R$550 Mini HighS (225 entrants)

Championship: “F.e.a.r” R $24,817

R$ 150 Big Plus 100K GTD (507 entries)

Champion: “Jw” R $21,666

R$ 75 MYSTERY 100K GTD (1,540 entrants)

Championship: “AAIROZO” R$ 13,462

Abílio Moço wins HighS title at Brazil Suprema

What are your goals for this WSOP 2023?

What are your goals for this WSOP 2023?

Mental Games What are your goals for the 2023 WSOP? Everyone wants to win a World Series bracelet, but a poorly designed goal can lead to frustration.

¿ Cuáles son tus tus objetivos para WSOP 2023?

With WSOP 2023 just over a month away, many players’ eyes are already on the Las Vegas tables However, with a festival of this magnitude, planning ahead can be crucial .

Some professional players like Daniel Negreanu , current main event champion, Espen Jorstad , and Daniel Cates Having revealed their goals for the year, it’s no coincidence that three of the most important players in the world all have clear goals this summer .

A player’s success at the World Series of Poker goes beyond winning bracelets or even playing in the ITM. Part of the key is balancing expectations and reality for a rich experience that takes players beyond winning.

Wanting to win the Main Event is a valid but perhaps unrealistic goal, not least because it involves so many factors beyond the control of pro gamers. Spending a certain amount of time at the table , playing all events with a certain buy-in, or reviewing important hands after each game , yes, these are goals that are measurable and therefore produce results.

“When preparing for the WSOP, it’s too broad to just say you want to win bracelets and make money. Take the time to set goals and it will help you stay motivated and focused. When you step back and think about where you are right now Game Station, identify areas where you need to improve or challenges you will face and you will ensure that no matter what happens at this WSOP, you will be a better player”, Jared Tendler .

As this psychological coach says, pre-reflection is critical to setting yourself up for success . Even impromptu goals like “improve your English conversation skills” or “build an international study group” could be some of the goals in the upcoming 2023 WSOP.

What are your goals for this WSOP 2023?

“Rixio13” from Venezuela finished third

“Rixio13” from Venezuela finished third

Rixio13″ from Venezuela is the winner of the third game(LATAM LEAGUE 4). He defeated 132 Latin American players and defined the match in a heads-up with the great Argentinian “Rodrigo27”. The third place is “zarachobox” with a prize of US$36.

In addition to the victory of the Venezuelan player, the outstanding performance of “zarachobox” is also worthy of attention. Rodrigo27”, won first place on the first date and second place on the second date. With a second place finish in the third round, he is now the undisputed leader in the race for the winning ticketMonthly Ranking .

Updated monthly rankings here

Don’t miss the grand final and the definition of this exciting league, we will As always there’s a $500 giveaway next Sunday, September 10th. You can get free entry to QUALYS on Tuesday or Thursday.

Free entry to QUALY LATAM LEAGUE FINAL 1A – 50 entrantsPurchase: Free: Tuesday, September 5 22:00 – 21:00 – 20:00 – 19:00 .

Free entry to Premium Latin America League Finals 1B – 50 ticketsPurchase: Free | Thursday, September 710:00 PM – 9:00 PM – 8:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

1️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE 1 FINALE – $500 GTDBuy: $1 | Buy Back: 1 | Sunday, September 10 8:30 pm – 7:30 pm – 6:30 pm – 5:30 pm

These are the final rankings and prize money of this LATAM LEAGUE 4 (the third competition)

“Rixio13” from Venezuela finished third

Golfer who won $26 million talks about what he learned playing poker

Golfer who won $26 million talks about what he lea...

The world of investing, tennis or chess has always had great similarities with poker, but golf has become the latest protagonist, which introduces somein one of them Card-Related Lessons

Recently, FedEx Cup Champion Viktor Hovland shared his success on the golf course When it comes to what he learned at the poker table He has earned over $26 million in his career.

  • See also: Rodrigo Cañas wins his fourth Latin title in Winning the US Championship at EPT Barcelona.

The 25-year-old Norwegian gave a press conference after attending the biggest award in sports, which brought him $18 million in prize money. In interviews with some media, he revealed his secret.

“The best players in the world play very aggressively. When it’s your turn, it’s your turn. Then you can make a profit. If.” If you over time By making fundamentally correct decisions, your chances of success increase. I think that’s the really great thing about playing poker. All you can do is make the best decision possible. When you make a bad decision, you try to change it in the hope that it will work out in the future. The same goes for golf. ”

One of the surprises was when he said he played a lot online. He joked that he often changed the green of the court to the green of felt. But other than that, He also knows about GTO-based strategies.

“I play poker online, a little in the casino, and like to watch YouTube videos and try to study them. but. “Of course I don’t have that much time.” But I really like this game. When I have time, I like to throw myself into the game to get better and try to be really competitive. ”

The English version of the article was published in the famous lifestyle and fashion magazine GQ and can be read for free here. For our part, we will have to wait and see Will he join the ranks of the biggest names in top sports who can be seen in the halls of the most important poker festivals?

Golfer who won $26 million talks about what he lea...

Pedro Garagnani suffers a crushing defeat to finish the Triton London 250K in 21st

Pedro Garagnani suffers a crushing defeat to finis...

In the race for a second Triton London title, pro Pedro Garagnani suffered a major blow on Day 9 of Event 9, the $250,000 NL Hold’em Luxon Invitational. He dropped to 21st after a crushing defeat in the British capital. He won a total of $342,000.

To mark his departure, Pedro found A♥K♠ and announced a 3-bet all-in straight from the small blind for 14 BBS. With things moving again, James Chen thought for a moment before calling with more chips and A 9♣ in his hand. On the 10♥3 9 ♦ flop, Pedro looked for a bust, but the 2♠ turn and A♣ river confirmed his opponent’s victory.

Meanwhile, Chen still has a chance to win the Superhigh. roller. He has 2,450,000 people, about 24 BBS, and is ranked eighth in the Financial Times. Briton Talal Shakerchi was last. The billionaire, who has spooked the pros, is looking for another title this season. In March, he was awarded $3,250,000 for winning the Vietnam Main Event.

The race will kick off this morning on the 5th at 9:00 am (Brasilia time) and will continue live on Triton’s YouTube channel. The blinds are 50,000/100,000 with the BB ante.


1. Talal Shakerchi (UK) 7,200,000

2. Bryn Kenny (USA) 5,850,000

3. Punnat Punsri (Thailand) 4,850,000

4. Robert Frink (Sweden) 4,525,000

5. Aleksejs Ponakovs (Latvia) 4,175,000

6. Chris Moneymaker (USA) 3,025,000

7. Nick Petrangelo (USA) 2,600,000

8. James Chen (Taiwan) 2,450,000

9. Kayhan Mokri (Norway) 775,000


1. US$6,860,000

2. $4,650,000

3. $3,107,000

4. $2,540,000

5. $2,030,000

6. $1,582,000

7. $1,170,000

8. $860,000

9. $680,000

Pedro Garagnani suffers a crushing defeat to finis...

Samy Boujmala Wins WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence

Samy Boujmala Wins WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence

Frenchman Samy Boujmala successfully defended his WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence trophy in the host country and confirmed that he is enjoying the best year of his career.

The main event of the festival was held at the Grand Pacino Casino in Aix-en-Provence, France from 2 to 6 August, with 457 participants worth €1,100. The prize pool is €438,720 to be shared among the top 59 players.

Samy Boujmala won all the chips and the top prize of €93,580 ($102,938). This includes participation in the 2023 WPT World Championships in Las Vegas in December. He had a stellar year in 2023, making four final tables. He also finished sixth in the WSOP Circuit High Roller event in Morocco ($29,565), fifth in the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event ($259,093) and sixth in WSOP Event #32, winning $90,791.

The final table was defined as follows:

Here you can see all the players who have won in the tournament.

2023 WPT Prime Stage:

  • San Remo
  • Slovakia
  • India
  • Paris

This year’s most recent WPT Prime stage:

  • Taiwan: August 8-21
  • Liechtenstein: August 30th to September 11th
  • Madrid: September 28th to October 2nd
  • Las Vegas: December 7th to 12th


Samy Boujmala Wins WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence

Attraction is third time: Ha wins his first bracelet

Attraction is third time: Ha wins his first bracel...

New WSOP 2023 champion revealed, this time pro Thai Ha able to get thorn past the top few year and win.

Marcos Exterkotter finished 8th.

Event #83 $1,500 Short Deck After two days of intense competition, it concluded Thursday night with 363 registered competitors Won a generous prize pool with a price of $484,605.

Ha, Twice WSOP Finalist, both Short Deck No Limit Hold’em With a bracelet and a $111,170 prize pool, the Vietnamese were ecstatic to finally win in this format.

“It feels great.” Short Deck is my most played game, and I’ve finished second twice. In any case, it would be nice not to finish second again this time around. “The champion commented.

“I think this set of cards is short. “It’s my strongest style. I have some experience in this mode, so I feel comfortable in heads-up, but I don’t have an easy opponent.”

At the same time, Latin Armada One of 55 players to take the money from Horseshoe and Paris in Las Vegas, Marcos Exterkotter was the biggest entrant, finishing eighth name, corresponding to $8,586.

Another standout player in the region was Julio Belluscio, who finished 27th with $3,522. There are also great players like Dario Sammartino and Patrick Leonard, who are coming up at the ITM tournament. Papo MC and Yuri Martins, while sitting at the table, did not have the same luck.

Attraction is third time: Ha wins his first bracel...

Canadian selected from over 10,000 players for free entry to WSOP Main Event until 2053

Canadian selected from over 10,000 players for fre...

If playing in the WSOP Main Event is one of every poker lover’s dreams, imagine playing in the world’s most important tournament for free by 2053?

Jason Clarke from 10,043 players in the Main Event.

In February, the WSOP announced a promotion stating that if the 2006 record of 8,773 entrants reached 10,043, all Main Event entrants would be drawn. bygones.

This score could easily be surpassed, with the long-awaited draw taking place on Sunday the 16th.

Clark has never played in a main event until 2023. In his debut, he didn’t even finish the ITM. Now, the Canadian will hold his own for the next 30 years.

Canadian selected from over 10,000 players for fre...

Most common stories from Mesa players

Most common stories from Mesa players

We all lie. From the classic “my car broke down” and “I don’t have a signal” to “I’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions,” lying is an often overlooked part of everyday life. In poker, lying has the greatest value and can save the day for many players. Bluffing is an art, but like any art, it’s imperfect.

When it comes to bluffing or trying to hide valuable bets, there are plenty of people who choose to decode their way and let them pass or try to guess them without a break. So what are the most common sayings and reactions from players? How do you tell your opponent to hide a valuable card or hide a bluff?

Of course, this doesn’t characterize hard science; it’s just a hypothesis. But reactions like this show the point in so many cases: since this is a game with a human touch, it all depends on the player, the situation, and the context itself. Can you think of another type of infamous story to add to the list?

Some stories, if any, may be too specific.

Most common stories from Mesa players

House of Poker with $1M GTD Coming Soon

House of Poker with $1M GTD Coming Soon

Downtown Rosario has made an important decision to say goodbye to July. In fact, it’s an excuse to continue showcasing its unrivaled tournament range, and now the House of Poker is back with a guaranteed 1,000,000 pesos in prize money.

The Latin Armada on Day 6 of the WSOP Main Event

The online event will run from Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th of the month and will include freerolls and satellites. The buy-in amount is 11,000, which is the same as the re-buy amount, worth 15,000 chips.

There are three first flights in the competition, which are on the 27th, 28th and 29th, and the second day and the 30th day, all starting at 10:00 in the evening. The blinds change every 8 minutes on Day 1 (there are 27 levels and you can re-enter until the 18th) and every 10 minutes on Day 2.

House of Poker Qualifiers

To participate in tournaments, you can enter directly by paying an entry fee, or through satellites and freerolls. The freeroll has been run from Monday to Friday at 6pm and will run until Wednesday at 9pm; as a bonus, they will be awarding two entries for the satellite. The qualifier has a buy-in fee of 1,100 pesos and will be held at 10:30 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the following 24th, 25th and 26th. Can be repurchased (5,000 points, same as registration) and 10,000 points added.

Blinds change every 5 minutes and re-enter up to level 18. The reward is a seat on Day 1A of House of Poker.

This edition will add Second Chances, Sunday 30th at 10:00pm, $5,500 entry, 10,000 stacks, blinds every 8 minutes , Delayed registration up to level 15.

Only players within the province of Santa Fe will be able to participate in the Downtown Virtual Tournament. Events such as House of Poker can be accessed through this link.

House of Poker with $1M GTD Coming Soon

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