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Day 0 and Day 1: Ezeiza, Panama, Las Vegas, and then straight to Orleans.

Day 0 and Day 1: Ezeiza, Panama, Las Vegas, and th...

Ezeiza, Panama, Las Vegas, it’s Day 0 at the start of my 15-year WSOP chaser career (the first was in 2009). This and subsequent articles will be numbered day by day in case anyone missed a chapter in this long and rich poker journey.

It takes quite a complex logistics and strategy to prepare for such a long journey to such a hostile place. I say “hostile” because playing poker 10, 11, 12 hours a day is fine, but when you are on the receiving end of the mental toll that this game takes on you, your house, your bed, your fridge, your family, his girlfriend, etc.

I will do my best to tell you every day how I draw and how I handle the wins and losses. How I house and deal with these two cheaters so that they don’t affect me and how to put them in the right place.

Day 0 (Sunday, May 12)05:00 – Panama Airlines flight scheduled to depart at 10:40am. You always have to move with the times, unforeseeable things may come up, if you still have time, even better, it helps to further refine the mindset I had when I completed my ticketing two months ago. During these two hours I took the opportunity to take some notes.

07:00 – Check in, pass immigration, enter the new lounge at Ezeiza, relax and take the opportunity to say hello and check any messages/emails that may have been missed.

10:40 – Our plane departs for Panama where we have a 2 hour layover.

Day Zero: Start of a new 65-day challenge in Las Vegas @Vegas ✈️ You can follow @pokerlogia to see my entire journey from

– Fernando Gatto (@PensarPoker) May 14, 2024

17:00 – We landed in Panama, the new airport, we went to the MasterCard lounge to have a bite to eat and rest.

23:30 – Arrived in Las Vegas “on time”, collected our luggage and set off My friend Daniel was waiting for me in the Uber pick up area. From there it was straight to the Orleans Casino.

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Day 1: (May 13)00:10 – The Sunday Special 40K tournament starts at 11am with Roberto Bianchi and there are currently 9 players left. We sit at a table next to the cash game and have a drink while following him through his funk.

03:00 – The tournament is over and Roberto is in 3rd place. To celebrate the day we will have pizza at SBARRO and learn about the poker room, tournaments, promotions and the many other tips we usually exchange.

05:00 – Head to the hotel beds. It was a long and tiring day but the content we gained was worth it.

11:00 – We take a short break but it is a good one. We eat a healthy breakfast and I take the opportunity to write a note from Roberto Bianchi while chatting with my host friends Richard and Daniel. We will take it easy on the first day, the gaming tables will be open 24 hours a day for the next 64 days.

5:00 pm – I take a two-hour nap, finally getting rid of the jet lag.

19:00 – I go to the gym for an hour, finally releasing the tension from the trip, just in case there is still some jet lag left. A healthy dinner and sleep, tomorrow will be a long day, it is best to start it refreshed and motivated.

#Tips ➡️ On a #poker trip you have to eat well (healthily), especially in a city like Las Vegas. In addition to daily physical activity, a third “bed” is essential if possible. Here we see @PensarPoker eating dinner and breakfast during his stay.

— Pokerlogia (@pokerlogia) May 15, 2024

The next day I will go to the strip to check out the promotions going on at HorseShoe and the Venetian Casino Resort poker room. Thank you for joining us.

Fernando in the Panama Airport lounge

All the results of the Latin American players in the Las Vegas tournament can be seen on our website and on our social networks.

Day 0 and Day 1: Ezeiza, Panama, Las Vegas, and th...

Day One of the $1,500,000 Guaranteed Mini-Main Event Kicks Off at PokerOK

Day One of the $1,500,000 Guaranteed Mini-Main Eve...

As we all know, the WSOP-C Online 2024 series is in full swing at PokerOK. Multiple tournaments with multi-million dollar prizes are planned. One of them is the mini-main event, with day one starting on March 14th.

It should not be a single event, but a complete series. The first day of competition will begin every two hours and last for five days. The finals are scheduled for March 18 at 5:30pm (MSC).

The event is guaranteed at $1,500,000 and will take place on Day 2 of the Mini-Main Event. The event starts on March 18 at 9:00 pm (Moscow time). To compete on day two, you must place in the top 12% in a game on day one. The buy-in for the tournament is $50. You can access it in the tournament lobby under the $MILLIONS or WSOP-C Online tabs. The event currently has a prize purse of $400,000.

If you don’t have enough funds to pay the full buy-in, you can try to win tickets to a series of satellite events. These events begin every two hours and are given away to 5-6 participants. Registration fee is $5.

Poker players can participate in an unlimited number of Day One events. Participants’ maximum stack size will be moved to Day 2. Anyone who shows up on day two will automatically be entered into the prize area. In addition to the main prize, the winner will receive a 2024 WSOP Online Super Circuit Ring.

Day 2 of the Mini-Main Event will be split into two stages. In the first part, the Main Event takes place and the game ends at the final table. The event will continue next Tuesday at 6:00 pm (GMT). Final prizes will then be awarded and the 2024 WSOP Online Super Circuit ring winner will be announced.

Day One of the $1,500,000 Guaranteed Mini-Main Eve...

Roberto Perez travels from coast to coast to win his first GGMillion$

Roberto Perez travels from coast to coast to win h...

Tuesday night marks GGPoker’s most important regular tournament, the €10,000 buy-in event called GGMillion$.

This week, the Hispanic community received an extra boost with the presence of Roberto Perez, known around the room as “LemonHouse“, although he also appeared there as an incarnation of Davy Jones, the character from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean,” from which he got another nickname.

Roberto was the temporary chip leader at the start of the game, albeit a nominal one. Brazil’s “Axelroses“, Moldova’s “Pavel Plesuv” and Israel’s “Barak Wisbrod” are waiting for a regular pot to disrupt the situation.

The second group is Volodymyr Palamar, Oliver Weis and Eliot Hudon, WPT World Champions.

The table, completed by Ottomar Ladva and Maher Nouira, is already small.

As an alternative to watching the replay of the final, you may prefer GGPoker related playerSteve Enriquez‘s own production, who was supported byAlberto Perez “Catof” is sung on the microphone.

Roberto Perez got Hudon off to a good start with KK against QQ on a pair of brilliant tracks with three of them

These The defeat allowed Roberto and Pavel Plesov to escape the pursuit, and the two moved side by side, exchanging positions at different stages of the game, but both went straight to the HU.

The Spaniard Suspicious of the Moldovans’ intentions, they did not wait for the final duel. Although “Axelroses” woke up and initially wanted to compete with his two opponents, but then chose the wrong time to scare Roberto, he started to seal the game on the third table. But not our hero, who dealt a decisive blow to his opponent’s small straight with a river bluff on a very complicated table.

@ @’s FT was awesome pgroberto in GGmillions, he mastered Mesica so well 🚜.

This club is particularly elegant on the river without any obvious bluffing.

Congratulations! 🥳🍋🍋

— G4 (@gforcall) March 13, 2024

Plesuv enters HU with 25bb vs. our 185bb cash Expertfinished the heads-up match effortlessly and won $315,092.

Roberto Perez travels from coast to coast to win h...

Rodrigo Melo is PokerStars Sunday Storm Champion

Rodrigo Melo fulfills PokerStars Sunday Storm titl...

After a busy weekend, PokerStars returned major Brazilian poker bonuses on Monday (22nd). The most notable among them is Rodrigo Melo, who won one of the most popular tournaments on the platform.

In the traditional Sunday Storm US$11 contest, running the account “rodrmineiro”, he beat 12,253 participants to become the winner of the Grand Champion. Rodrigo has dreamed of winning tournaments ever since he started playing poker and won $8,166. Second place went to Rio de Janeiro’s Palissom Medeiros, “palissom0305,” who earned $7,644.

On 44 Among the USD bounty creators, the Brazilian team also rounded out the podium via Leandro Burlamaqui (or “lgburlamaqui”). Stars Team pros beat 839 entrants to win $5,674

Lobos Poker Team emerged victorious at Fenomeno for $109. or “marllonpinto.” , narrowly missing out on first place out of 412 entries. For second place, his balance increased by $5,416.

See more results below:

Event Player Place

US$ 109 Bounty Generator

Bruno Ikeda “ SCCPdk” 1st Place US$ 5,325 US$ 55 Supersonic of the Day Rafael Arantes “rafaelomito” 1st Place US$ 5,085 US$ 215 Monday 6-Max Gabriel Tavares “gtavares10” 2. US$ 4,995 The Fast 7 US$ 55 Younes Maghous “calldeKhigh” 1. US$ 4,906

Rodrigo Melo fulfills PokerStars Sunday Storm titl...

“Joy Boy 888 and Felipe Boianovsky perform on GGPoker

“Joy Boy 888 and Felipe Boianovsky perform on GGPo...

On yesterday’s No. 18 Straight, the country’s fans performed very well on GGPoker. In the $525 Bounty Hunters Circuit HR for the WSOPC series, “Joy Boy 888” beat out 978 competitors to take the title. His bankroll increased by $59,613 for the win.

Felipe Boianovsky also won a five-figure sum. He finished second out of 1,424 entrants, earning $19,469 in the $215 Bounty Hunter Dance. In the regular $840 High Roller Bounty warm-up event, the owner of the “LisFlower” account won gold and an additional $8,521 in prize money.

In the $54 Bounty Hunter Tour, Juliano “jmassirer” Massirer is crowned champion. He earned $25,389 by sending 7,668 opponents home.

In Monday’s Monster Stack HR $1,050 event, “seguraabomba” was eliminated in a 5-man field for $17,117.

Finally entering the $150 Monday Monster Stack, Felipe Sena finished in fourth place for $13,142. There were 1,668 participants in the championship. View other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrize$215 Spring Shower Bounty Turbo “Salvinho23” 1. $12,856 $2,100 Bounty Big Dance HR “carlos_AAKKQQ” 3 Hyper “dudu2508” 2nd $11,910 $200 Daily Six [Ticket Drop] Breno Heleno 2nd $9,474 $250 March Monster Stack Edel Campana 1st $9,304 $215 Spring Showers Bounty TurboBruno Volkmann 2nd $8,988 $77 Lucky Seven’s Super Stack Turbo “FortuneDragon” 2nd $8,963

$55 Fifty. Ticket Drop] “AAJLKK” 2. $8,850GGMasters Bounty Warm-up $25 “Vasco da Gama” 1

“Joy Boy 888 and Felipe Boianovsky perform on GGPo...

KSOP’s main event defined by Argentinian

KSOP's main event defined by Argentinian

As expected, the KSOPFortalezaGGPokerMain Event far exceeded its guaranteed prize pool. The guaranteed guarantee of R$1,000,000 offered in the tournament preview is evident after 452 entrants totaling R$5,000 brought the final prize pool total to R$1,356 Being left behind. Brought it. Prize money will be distributed among the top 50 players in the event, with the winner receiving R$250,000.

144 qualifiers enter Day 2, battling it out for the prize, led by Daniel de Mare. After a grueling day of competition, 50 winners were determined, 121 of whom were eliminated, leaving only 23 survivors who will return for Day 3 this Monday.

Today at 3:00 pm The final table contenders will meet. Mario Toni (main photo) leads the final qualifying round with 1,392,000 points. They are followed by Odemilson Moura (1,245,000) and Jeferson Batista (1,168,000).

Two Argentines remain on the list: Cristian Quiñones , ranked 16th with 380,000, and Marcelo Ortiguela with 280,000.

Number of 23 players still playing

1. – Mario Toni – 1,392,0002nd Place – Odemilson Mora – 1,245,0003rd Place – Jefferson Santos Batista – 1,168,0004. – Cayo Guedes – 1,158,0005° – Ozawa Ayaou – 824,0006th place – Bruno Seige – 720,0007° – Asad Kamran – 709,0008° – Felipe Silva – 681,0009° – Daniel Melo – 661,00010th – Fernando Chavez – 616,00011° – Little Paul – 491,00012° – Fabio Serra – 477,00013° – Hudson dos Santos – 448,00014° – Fernando Burramaki – 441,00015° – Marciano Vannucci – 437,000No. 16 – Christian Quinones – 380,000No. 17 – Yoshimasa Ikeda – 348,00018° – Marcelo Gadelha – 308,000No. 19 – Marcelo Otiguera – 280,000No. 20 – Felipe Mojave – 278,00021° – Rodrigo Monteiro – 230,00022° – Rafael Souza – 150,00023° – Natalie Ramos – 102,000

KSOP Fortaleza Main Event


Number of Participants: 452

Prize pool: 1,356,000 R$

Winner quota: 50


1. – 250,000 R$2. – 160,000 R$3. – 100,000 R$4. – R$ 70,0005. – R$ 46,0006. – R$ 32,000 7. – 24,300 R$8. – 19,200 R$9. – 16,000 R$ 10. and 11. – 14,000 R$12. and 13. – 12,200 R$14. and 15. – 10,600 R$16. and 17. – 9,200 R$18. Until the 21st. – 8,000 reais22nd. to 26. – R$ 7,20027° to 35° – R$ 6,70036° to 44° – R$ 6,30045° to 50° – R$ 6,000

KSOP's main event defined by Argentinian

Victor de Macedo wins the High Roller Light event at KSOP GGpoker Fortaleza and takes home R$99,000

Victor de Macedo wins the High Roller Light event...

Internet star Victor Macedo has proven he can play the game live, too. Day two of KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza saw him put on a show in the FT of Light High Roller, leading from start to finish. The Action Team grinder received a bonus of R$ 99,000 through heads-up trading. Fernando Araújo and Marco Aurélio “Salsicha” Alves completed the podium with R$ 83,500 and R$ 52,500 respectively.

Soon after, one of the main players of the Samba team announced the winner in Event 1: R$ 800 NL to keep them warmed up. Saymon Dias increased his bankroll by R$63,000 by leaving 445 opponents behind.

Veteran Celso Sirtoli won Game 8: R$600 NL Hold’em 8-Max K.O. (Article 118). The veteran finished first among 118 entrants, winning R$11,700.

Meanwhile, Tainã Melchior won Event 9: the R$ 1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Single Re-Enter Turbo, winning R$ 12,000.

Victor de Macedo wins the High Roller Light event...

World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

The World Poker Tour returns to Florida’s iconic casino and hotel, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. The casino, easily recognizable by its structural shape, is reminiscent of a large electric guitar.

The occasion is to celebrate a new festival, which begins on April 3rd and lasts until the 23rd. Same month.

The long-awaited championship match will also be held at the festival!

The event, which has a buy-in of $3,500 and a guaranteed prize pool of up to $3,000,000, will take place from April 19-23.

But the news is part of the festival and things don’t end there: The World Poker Tour, taking place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel on April 18 at 11 a.m., offers a live event with well-known poker figures Brad Owen and Vince Van Patten for the opportunity to attend special game sessions together. A unique opportunity that all festival attendees should take advantage of.

So if you get the chance, don’t miss the festival in unforgettable locations, with unique encounters and the chance to win big prizes while feeling the competitive adrenaline rush of the game.

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown @WPT Party Game with Brad Owen and Vince Van Patten Thursday, April 18 at 11am Click

— Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (@shrpo) March 20, 2024

World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

Exercises to improve grinder performance

Exercises to improve grinder performance

Today is a great day to learn seven habits that will improve you as a poker player. You may drop some exercises, but over time they will become a habit that, if followed, will lead you to improve your game. Exercise

Below you will find a list. But please note that these are not a substitute for thoughtful drama or theater study. However, thanks to their applications, you can focus more on these tasks. Habit

  • Sit as if you were sitting at the card table

Many poker players slouch at the card table, which can lead to back and muscle tension. This can lead to increased fatigue and associated severe pain, especially after hours of playing, causing you to no longer be able to concentrate 100%.

Successful poker players know the importance of maintaining good posture at the poker table: feet parallel and flat on the floor, torso centered, head balanced and relaxed, arms relaxed and moving relatively freely – this will help you avoid the physical tension that inevitably affects your skills and focus.

  • Take a deep breath at the beginning of a meeting

Good table posture is essential to staying focused.

If you talk to a personal trainer or yoga teacher, they will tell you how important breathing is during any activity. As you sit at your desk in a comfortable and calm position, take a few deep breaths. You’ll find that this simple exercise has a powerful relaxing effect and improves your ability to maintain emotional control and make good gaming decisions.

Breathing helps maintain energy and focus, especially when playing poker for long periods of time.

  • Take frequent breaks

Okay, we get it, no one wants to leave the dinner table when everything is going well. But standing up and stretching every 60-90 minutes is a good habit that becomes a must for any successful poker player.

Stretching and exercising (even for just a few minutes) can improve circulation. It also allows you to evaluate your gaming performance, whether your tables are profitable, and whether you are in the right mental and/or emotional state to continue playing.

  • Find your own routines and habits

Every poker hand requires a series of small movements and movements; doing it in the same way is another way to avoid distractions and learn to focus on the important parts of the game A good way.

At the beginning of each hand, take out your cards, hold up one corner and look at it while protecting it with the other hand. Remember them, place them back in the middle of the table, and protect them with a card protector.

If you learn to execute these gestures smoothly and efficiently, you will stay relaxed at the table and project the image of a confident player in the eyes of your opponents.

  • Counting the Pots

This should also become a habit, one that is automatic and goes unnoticed. Counting pots is not an easy thing to do at first for those who are not used to it: do it in an obvious way, even if it slows you down a bit. This will soon become routine.

If you can always calculate the size of the pot in your head, you will never slow down in your poker game, even if you find yourself in a significant pot and facing difficulties. Decision-making: short means you eliminate possible judgment.

  • Be decisive when betting

Develop a routine even if you have to bet or fold. For example, you can pause for a few seconds before making a move, even though it’s not necessary because he already knows you’re going to fold.

Decide how much you want to bet before you announce your bet, gather the chips you need in front of you, and then take decisive steps to invest them in the pot. This way, you’ll avoid the potential pitfalls that many inexperienced players get into due to indecision, while also instilling confidence in the situation.

  • Poker players smile!

Many players have a serious poker face because they think it is a good way to scare their opponents. In fact, this attitude is likely to make opponents suspicious, cautious, stressed and risk-averse. Are you sure you want this in poker? Generally speaking, the happier and friendlier a poker player is, the more relaxed his opponents are and the more willing they are to take risks.

Building this positive habit does not guarantee success. To become a good poker player, you have to learn a lot more. However, by incorporating them into your game, you can better focus your efforts on the decisions that will make your game profitable.

Exercises to improve grinder performance

Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Sunday Million PKO match

Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Su...

In the race to win the Sunday Million for the second time, Brazil has two players at the final table. Paulo Pinto had to call for two outs to continue after “twonior” bowed out in the 8-man game.

Carioca was the shortest stack owner in the 6-man field when he folded with 9♣9♠ and immediately pushed all-in for 7 BBS. Right on the button, “triceratops333” was the only one to call and put A?A♥ on the table.

On the flop of 7♣9♦4♦, Paulo had the advantage, but the turn of 6 left the Irishman with a flush draw. Then the river card 2♥ confirmed the Brazilian’s title.

Before suffering a crushing defeat, “triceratops333” used the help of the deck to finish off “twonior”. With 7♣6♥ against A♣K♣, he got on the board with 4♥9♣7♠10♣8♠ and won another bounty.

In addition to the bounty, Paulo can also earn up to $56,115 in the Sunday Million.

Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Su...

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