Bruno Volkmann Announces FT’s Mega Millions Award

Bruno Volkmann Announces FT's Mega Millions Award

After a nearly seven-month hiatus, star Bruno Volkmann returns to the Mega Millions tiebreaker. In the race for his third title, he took the lead on day one, but the Serb was not far behind. Currently, the two players are only 19,241 chips apart with 105 BBS left to play.

Volkmann advanced along with two other 9tales members. Rodrigo Selouan is third with 88 BBS, while Pablo Brito is last with 7 BBS. Like Santa Catarina, they have entered the main online high rollers twice.

This is Pablo’s third consecutive Mega Millions final table. The string helped the Bahians equal Yuri Martins’ record of 17 free throws, a record for Brazil at the time.

Other finalists include Pieter Aerts, Joakim Andersson, Sebastian Gaehl and Duco Haven. Together they have seven Mega Millions titles. Aerts joined the selected championship group two weeks ago.

The final will take place on Tuesday, April 4th at 3pm ET and will be streamed live on the GGPoker YouTube and Twitch channels. The blinds are again 12,500/25,000 with a 3,500 ante.

Number of chips:

1. Bruno Volkman (Brazil) 2,648,001

2. Danilo Verasevic (Serbia) – 2,628,760

3. Rodrigo Selouan (Brazil) 2,198,307

4. Peter Atz (Belgium) 873.140

5. “spaise411” (Russia) 462.927

6. Joakim Anderson (Sweden) 455,651

7. Sebastian Gehl (Austria) 333,055

8. Duco Haven (Netherlands) 326.113

9. Pablo Brito (Brazil) 188,046

Prize pool

1st place $235,088

2. $182,633

3. $141,882

4. $110,224

5. $85,629

6. $66,523

7. $51,679

8. $40.148

9. $31,190

Bruno Volkmann Announces FT's Mega Millions Award

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