Day 0 and Day 1: Ezeiza, Panama, Las Vegas, and then straight to Orleans.

Day 0 and Day 1: Ezeiza, Panama, Las Vegas, and th...

Ezeiza, Panama, Las Vegas, it’s Day 0 at the start of my 15-year WSOP chaser career (the first was in 2009). This and subsequent articles will be numbered day by day in case anyone missed a chapter in this long and rich poker journey.

It takes quite a complex logistics and strategy to prepare for such a long journey to such a hostile place. I say “hostile” because playing poker 10, 11, 12 hours a day is fine, but when you are on the receiving end of the mental toll that this game takes on you, your house, your bed, your fridge, your family, his girlfriend, etc.

I will do my best to tell you every day how I draw and how I handle the wins and losses. How I house and deal with these two cheaters so that they don’t affect me and how to put them in the right place.

Day 0 (Sunday, May 12)05:00 – Panama Airlines flight scheduled to depart at 10:40am. You always have to move with the times, unforeseeable things may come up, if you still have time, even better, it helps to further refine the mindset I had when I completed my ticketing two months ago. During these two hours I took the opportunity to take some notes.

07:00 – Check in, pass immigration, enter the new lounge at Ezeiza, relax and take the opportunity to say hello and check any messages/emails that may have been missed.

10:40 – Our plane departs for Panama where we have a 2 hour layover.

Day Zero: Start of a new 65-day challenge in Las Vegas @Vegas ✈️ You can follow @pokerlogia to see my entire journey from

– Fernando Gatto (@PensarPoker) May 14, 2024

17:00 – We landed in Panama, the new airport, we went to the MasterCard lounge to have a bite to eat and rest.

23:30 – Arrived in Las Vegas “on time”, collected our luggage and set off My friend Daniel was waiting for me in the Uber pick up area. From there it was straight to the Orleans Casino.

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Day 1: (May 13)00:10 – The Sunday Special 40K tournament starts at 11am with Roberto Bianchi and there are currently 9 players left. We sit at a table next to the cash game and have a drink while following him through his funk.

03:00 – The tournament is over and Roberto is in 3rd place. To celebrate the day we will have pizza at SBARRO and learn about the poker room, tournaments, promotions and the many other tips we usually exchange.

05:00 – Head to the hotel beds. It was a long and tiring day but the content we gained was worth it.

11:00 – We take a short break but it is a good one. We eat a healthy breakfast and I take the opportunity to write a note from Roberto Bianchi while chatting with my host friends Richard and Daniel. We will take it easy on the first day, the gaming tables will be open 24 hours a day for the next 64 days.

5:00 pm – I take a two-hour nap, finally getting rid of the jet lag.

19:00 – I go to the gym for an hour, finally releasing the tension from the trip, just in case there is still some jet lag left. A healthy dinner and sleep, tomorrow will be a long day, it is best to start it refreshed and motivated.

#Tips ➡️ On a #poker trip you have to eat well (healthily), especially in a city like Las Vegas. In addition to daily physical activity, a third “bed” is essential if possible. Here we see @PensarPoker eating dinner and breakfast during his stay.

— Pokerlogia (@pokerlogia) May 15, 2024

The next day I will go to the strip to check out the promotions going on at HorseShoe and the Venetian Casino Resort poker room. Thank you for joining us.

Fernando in the Panama Airport lounge

All the results of the Latin American players in the Las Vegas tournament can be seen on our website and on our social networks.

Day 0 and Day 1: Ezeiza, Panama, Las Vegas, and th...

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  • The text provides an interesting insight into the logistical and mental challenges of pursuing a career in professional poker, specifically focusing on the author’s journey to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. It highlights the dedication and strategy required to navigate the competitive and demanding environment of high-stakes poker tournaments.

  • This text provides a detailed account of the beginning of a poker player’s 15-year WSOP career, outlining their travel and preparation for the tournament. It highlights the challenges and logistics involved, as well as the mental and physical preparation required for such a long endeavor. The author plans to share daily updates on their wins, losses, and strategies throughout the tournament.

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    This text provides a detailed account of the author’s first day in Las Vegas as they embark on a 65-day poker challenge. The author discusses their travel logistics, tournament participation, and activities such as dining, gym, and rest, all while emphasizing the importance of maintaining physical health during the long journey. Overall, the text gives insight into the dedication and preparation required for a successful poker career.

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