GGPoker releases data from first edition of GGWF

GGPoker releases data from first edition of GGWF

Even before the World Music Festival, GGPoker made history by announcing a record $200 million guarantee. After running 1,012 contests, the site raised more money, donating $239,143,262 in 37 days.

GGWF is also the most inclusive festival with low, medium, high and super competitions. By the end of the event, a total of 3,042,228 entries had been received.

Two of the thousands of players who have passed through GGPoker have become millionaires. In the Mega Millions Special Edition, European players Leon Sturm and Juan Pardo doubled up for $1,518,400 and $1,171,144 respectively.

The GGWF leaderboard is also dominated by millers from the Old World. Internet legend Niklas Astedt from Sweden scored the highest score in the super category. The Polish team “WhoBeatsMe” won the high group championship, the Austrian team “JESUISYAZZY” won the middle group championship, and the Montenegro team “KingOfAllins” won the low group championship.

Brazil’s final was even more exciting. In the Main Event, Guilherme Ramalho won $871,221 after defeating 6,190 opponents. Another major event in the series, the $500 Global Millions, saw three pros claim six-figure prize money. Felipe Costa won the heads-up event, adding $332,732 to his bankroll, while Felipe Ketzer finished fifth for $184,848. Minutes before the gaucho fell, Luiz Duarte won by six hands for $137,784.

Check out the largest prize pool for the online series:

GGWF 2023 ($200,000,000 GTD)

2.391 US$185 million (170,000,000 GTD)

GGOC 2022 ( 170,000,000 GTD)

US$178.1 million

GGSF 2021 (150,000,000 GTD)

US$176.7 million

2020 WSOP Online ($66,000,000 GTD)

$147.7 Million

GGPoker releases data from first edition of GGWF

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  • This text highlights the success of the GGPoker World Music Festival, with a record-breaking $239 million raised and over 3 million entries received. It also mentions the achievements of individual players, including two millionaires and winners from various countries.

  • This text highlights the success and record-breaking achievements of GGPoker during the World Music Festival, including the largest prize pool in the online series. It also mentions the significant winnings of players from different countries, showcasing the international appeal of the festival.

  • This text highlights the success and record-breaking achievements of GGPoker, including their $200 million guarantee and the significant amount of money donated during the World Music Festival. It also mentions the notable winners and accomplishments of various players from different countries in the festival.

  • I think the text highlights the success of GGPoker and the World Music Festival in raising a record amount of money for charity. It also showcases the impressive winnings and achievements of players from various countries in different competitions.

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