Golfer who won $26 million talks about what he learned playing poker

Golfer who won $26 million talks about what he lea...

The world of investing, tennis or chess has always had great similarities with poker, but golf has become the latest protagonist, which introduces somein one of them Card-Related Lessons

Recently, FedEx Cup Champion Viktor Hovland shared his success on the golf course When it comes to what he learned at the poker table He has earned over $26 million in his career.

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The 25-year-old Norwegian gave a press conference after attending the biggest award in sports, which brought him $18 million in prize money. In interviews with some media, he revealed his secret.

“The best players in the world play very aggressively. When it’s your turn, it’s your turn. Then you can make a profit. If.” If you over time By making fundamentally correct decisions, your chances of success increase. I think that’s the really great thing about playing poker. All you can do is make the best decision possible. When you make a bad decision, you try to change it in the hope that it will work out in the future. The same goes for golf. ”

One of the surprises was when he said he played a lot online. He joked that he often changed the green of the court to the green of felt. But other than that, He also knows about GTO-based strategies.

“I play poker online, a little in the casino, and like to watch YouTube videos and try to study them. but. “Of course I don’t have that much time.” But I really like this game. When I have time, I like to throw myself into the game to get better and try to be really competitive. ”

The English version of the article was published in the famous lifestyle and fashion magazine GQ and can be read for free here. For our part, we will have to wait and see Will he join the ranks of the biggest names in top sports who can be seen in the halls of the most important poker festivals?

Golfer who won $26 million talks about what he lea...

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  • Ankunding.whitney

    This text highlights the parallels between golf and poker, discussing how successful golfers like Viktor Hovland apply lessons from poker to their game. It also mentions Hovland’s online poker experience and his desire to improve and compete in the game.

  • Susie.schroeder

    This text highlights the similarities between poker and other sports such as investing, tennis, and golf. It discusses how golf champion Viktor Hovland credits his success on the golf course to lessons learned from playing poker. The text also mentions his use of GTO-based strategies and his interest in studying and improving his poker skills.

  • Wallace.parisian

    This text discusses the similarities between investing, tennis, chess, and poker, with golf being the latest addition. It highlights professional golfer, Viktor Hovland, sharing his success on the golf course by applying lessons learned at the poker table. The text also mentions his involvement in online poker and his desire to improve and compete.

  • I think it’s interesting to see how professional golfers like Viktor Hovland are finding similarities between poker and their sport. It shows how strategic thinking and decision-making skills are important in both disciplines. It will be exciting to see if he continues to excel in both golf and poker in the future.

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