Henrik Juncker wins FPS Paris High Roller Championship

Henrik Juncker wins FPS Paris High Roller Champion...

Pro Henrik Juncker’s first European Poker Tour title is undisputed. The leaders of the final day of Event 13: €2,200 NL Hold’em, also a Frace Poker Series tournament, took just a few hours to defeat their last three opponents. The win netted the Dane a total of €544,790 in prize money.

The Junkers game started last night. In a six-man tiebreaker, he doubled his stack when he flopped J♥J♠ over Omar Del Pino’s K♠J♣.

Junkers have followed in the footsteps of the leaders, started collecting knockouts and never stopped. He ultimately had to defeat grinder Parker Talbot in a heads-up match to be crowned champion.

On the final hand, Talbot played A♣3♣ and went all-in. Juncker then raised to 3,500,000 and saw his opponent push his chips into the middle of the table. CL-Instacall reveals A♥J♣. The 10◆5♠Q♣4♥J◆ board confirmed Junker’s victory and he won the pot.

Event 13 had 1,794 entrants. The Brazilian team performed well in the competition, with Bráulio Bianchetti from Minas Gerais finishing in 24th place and receiving €13,570 in prize money.

See how much each finalist won from a prize pool of €3,448,320:

1. Henrik Juncker (Denmark) €544,790

2. Parker Talbot (Canada) €334,180

3. Guillermo Gordo (Spain) €238,700

4. Omar del Pino (Spain) €183,590

5. Michel Leibgorin (France) €141,220

6. Rony Halimi (France) €108,670

7. Sun Yunsheng (China) 83,600 euros

8. Then there’s Assouline (France) for €64,310

9. Sonny Franco (France) €49,460

Henrik Juncker wins FPS Paris High Roller Champion...

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  • I think the text provides a detailed overview of Henrik Juncker’s victory in the European Poker Tour event. It highlights the key moments of the final table and the prize money earned by the top finishers, including the Brazilian player Bráulio Bianchetti. Juncker’s aggressive play and successful strategy ultimately led to his impressive win.

  • This text highlights Henrik Juncker’s impressive victory in the European Poker Tour, as well as the overall results of the tournament. With a total prize pool of over €3 million, Juncker took home the top prize of €544,790, showcasing his skill and dominance in the competition.

  • The text describes Henrik Juncker’s victory in the European Poker Tour event, where he won over €500,000 in prize money. The tournament had a total of 1,794 entrants, with players from various countries placing in the top spots.

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