“Joy Boy 888 and Felipe Boianovsky perform on GGPoker

“Joy Boy 888 and Felipe Boianovsky perform on GGPo...

On yesterday’s No. 18 Straight, the country’s fans performed very well on GGPoker. In the $525 Bounty Hunters Circuit HR for the WSOPC series, “Joy Boy 888” beat out 978 competitors to take the title. His bankroll increased by $59,613 for the win.

Felipe Boianovsky also won a five-figure sum. He finished second out of 1,424 entrants, earning $19,469 in the $215 Bounty Hunter Dance. In the regular $840 High Roller Bounty warm-up event, the owner of the “LisFlower” account won gold and an additional $8,521 in prize money.

In the $54 Bounty Hunter Tour, Juliano “jmassirer” Massirer is crowned champion. He earned $25,389 by sending 7,668 opponents home.

In Monday’s Monster Stack HR $1,050 event, “seguraabomba” was eliminated in a 5-man field for $17,117.

Finally entering the $150 Monday Monster Stack, Felipe Sena finished in fourth place for $13,142. There were 1,668 participants in the championship. View other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrize$215 Spring Shower Bounty Turbo “Salvinho23” 1. $12,856 $2,100 Bounty Big Dance HR “carlos_AAKKQQ” 3 Hyper “dudu2508” 2nd $11,910 $200 Daily Six [Ticket Drop] Breno Heleno 2nd $9,474 $250 March Monster Stack Edel Campana 1st $9,304 $215 Spring Showers Bounty TurboBruno Volkmann 2nd $8,988 $77 Lucky Seven’s Super Stack Turbo “FortuneDragon” 2nd $8,963

$55 Fifty. Ticket Drop] “AAJLKK” 2. $8,850GGMasters Bounty Warm-up $25 “Vasco da Gama” 1

“Joy Boy 888 and Felipe Boianovsky perform on GGPo...

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  • Will.dominique

    This text highlights the success of various players in different poker tournaments on GGPoker. It showcases their impressive performances and the significant cash prizes they won, demonstrating their skill and expertise in the game. The variety of events and prize amounts mentioned illustrate the diverse opportunities for players to compete and succeed on the platform.

  • Eriberto.schinner

    It seems like the country’s fans had a strong showing on GGPoker, with several players winning significant amounts in various tournaments. It’s impressive to see so many players performing well and taking home substantial cash prizes.

  • The text highlights the success of various players in different GGPoker tournaments, showcasing their impressive winnings and achievements. It demonstrates the skill and competitiveness of the country’s fans in the online poker community.

  • The text highlights the impressive performances of various players in GGPoker tournaments, with notable wins and high earnings. It showcases the skill and success of these players in the competitive poker scene.

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