Kelvin Kerber Beats FT for $249,000 in Event 72 of the WSOP

Kelvin Kerber Beats FT for $249,000 in Event 72 of...

The country started the week off with another great result at the WSOP 2023. As the sun rose in Las Vegas, Kelvin Kerber exited Event 72 with a fourth-place finish: $10,000 NL Hold’em Super Turbo bounty. He won $249,876 on top of his prize money.

In the same game last season, Kelvin’s Samba partner, Faabiano Kovalski, was knocked out heads-up by Argentine Nacho Barbero. At the time, the Santa Catarina native had won $363,116.

Kelvin is second in the FT, but well behind Chris Savage, who has 66 BBS, compared to the Brazilian’s 19 BBS. As comfortable as CL is, the grinder still has other opponents to worry about, including legends Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth.

The 6-a-side match ultimately saw the two Americans collide, with Ivey winning. Winning is the worst. After he moved his chips to the middle of the table, Hellmuth called him with A?A♥. Dominating with the K 10, Ivey had absolutely no chance on the 4♠Q♥4♥J♥3♣ board.

In free fall, Savage is next to go bust. In another pre-flop all-in, he showed K♠K♣ against Justin Zaki’s Q♠9♣. The 9♥7♥3♠9♦8♣ board hit Zaki in the stomach and he took the pot.

Kelvin was far behind his opponent in the 4-player game and entered a blind match. With K 3♠, Tom Kunze defended the thump and paid for an open shot by the Brazilian (Q♠10♠). The K♥10Check8♠2Check8♣ board didn’t surprise Kunze as he secured his place on the podium.

Kelvin Kerber Beats FT for $249,000 in Event 72 of...

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    This text provides a detailed description of the results of the WSOP 2023, highlighting Kelvin Kerber’s fourth-place finish and other notable players such as Chris Savage. It also mentions the showdown between Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth, with Ivey emerging as the victor.

  • This is an exciting recap of the WSOP 2023, with Kelvin Kerber finishing fourth in a high-stakes poker event. The narrative includes mentions of other top players, such as Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth, adding to the competitive atmosphere of the tournament.

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