Mantel and Akari vie for $10,000 secret bounty

Mantel and Akari vie for $10,000 secret bounty

The Secret Bounty Tournament on Wednesday’s first day was one of the novelties of this WSOP 2023, with Latin Armada getting off to a good start and winning two of the top poker events in the region Fortresses such as Ariel Mantel and Andre Akkari and other cracks.

Event #35 had a buy-in of $10,000 and managed to collect 568 entries on the first day, prize pool $5,282,400 Price shown First Prize $733,317.

Nacho Barbero is still fighting.

As expected, the tournament featured some of the best players, but Mantel broke through and finished the day in 4th place. space, stackable up to 650,000. A little further down, but also in the top ten, Akkari ranks 7 with a score of 558,000.

In any case, there are still some Latinos sitting at the table, including Farid Jattin José Ignacio Barbero and Angel Gillan just to name a few truly famous names. Number one in the entire group is Aliaksandr Hirs with 750,000 points.

The event is now at the Horseshoe and Paris in Las Vegas

Mantel and Akari vie for $10,000 secret bounty


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