Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Sunday Million PKO match

Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Su...

In the race to win the Sunday Million for the second time, Brazil has two players at the final table. Paulo Pinto had to call for two outs to continue after “twonior” bowed out in the 8-man game.

Carioca was the shortest stack owner in the 6-man field when he folded with 9♣9♠ and immediately pushed all-in for 7 BBS. Right on the button, “triceratops333” was the only one to call and put A?A♥ on the table.

On the flop of 7♣9♦4♦, Paulo had the advantage, but the turn of 6 left the Irishman with a flush draw. Then the river card 2♥ confirmed the Brazilian’s title.

Before suffering a crushing defeat, “triceratops333” used the help of the deck to finish off “twonior”. With 7♣6♥ against A♣K♣, he got on the board with 4♥9♣7♠10♣8♠ and won another bounty.

In addition to the bounty, Paulo can also earn up to $56,115 in the Sunday Million.

Paulo Pinto breaks AA and avoids elimination in Su...

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  • This text describes a high-stakes poker game with Brazilian players excelling at the final table. Despite facing tough competition, one player managed to secure a significant win with a well-timed river card. Overall, it showcases the intense and strategic nature of professional poker tournaments.

  • This text describes the intense final table action in a poker tournament, with Brazilian players dominating. It is a thrilling recount of key hands and victories, showcasing the skill and determination of the players involved.

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    It seems like a high-stakes and intense poker game, with Brazilian players coming out on top. The text captures the excitement of the final table and the dramatic moments leading up to the victory.

  • This text describes an intense final table at the Sunday Million poker tournament, with Brazilian players competing against each other and other opponents. Paulo Pinto ultimately emerged victorious, winning a significant cash prize and the title.

  • This text describes a dramatic poker game where Brazilian players triumphed over their opponents, showcasing their skills and luck in the game. It highlights the intensity and excitement of poker tournaments, as well as the potential for significant winnings.

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