Pedro Garagnani suffers a crushing defeat to finish the Triton London 250K in 21st

Pedro Garagnani suffers a crushing defeat to finis...

In the race for a second Triton London title, pro Pedro Garagnani suffered a major blow on Day 9 of Event 9, the $250,000 NL Hold’em Luxon Invitational. He dropped to 21st after a crushing defeat in the British capital. He won a total of $342,000.

To mark his departure, Pedro found A♥K♠ and announced a 3-bet all-in straight from the small blind for 14 BBS. With things moving again, James Chen thought for a moment before calling with more chips and A 9♣ in his hand. On the 10♥3 9 ♦ flop, Pedro looked for a bust, but the 2♠ turn and A♣ river confirmed his opponent’s victory.

Meanwhile, Chen still has a chance to win the Superhigh. roller. He has 2,450,000 people, about 24 BBS, and is ranked eighth in the Financial Times. Briton Talal Shakerchi was last. The billionaire, who has spooked the pros, is looking for another title this season. In March, he was awarded $3,250,000 for winning the Vietnam Main Event.

The race will kick off this morning on the 5th at 9:00 am (Brasilia time) and will continue live on Triton’s YouTube channel. The blinds are 50,000/100,000 with the BB ante.


1. Talal Shakerchi (UK) 7,200,000

2. Bryn Kenny (USA) 5,850,000

3. Punnat Punsri (Thailand) 4,850,000

4. Robert Frink (Sweden) 4,525,000

5. Aleksejs Ponakovs (Latvia) 4,175,000

6. Chris Moneymaker (USA) 3,025,000

7. Nick Petrangelo (USA) 2,600,000

8. James Chen (Taiwan) 2,450,000

9. Kayhan Mokri (Norway) 775,000


1. US$6,860,000

2. $4,650,000

3. $3,107,000

4. $2,540,000

5. $2,030,000

6. $1,582,000

7. $1,170,000

8. $860,000

9. $680,000

Pedro Garagnani suffers a crushing defeat to finis...

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  • Bashirian.leta

    This text provides details about the Triton London poker tournament, specifically focusing on the performance of pro Pedro Garagnani and his defeat. It also mentions the current chip counts and rankings of other players competing in the tournament.

  • This text provides an update on the Triton London poker tournament, highlighting the defeat of pro Pedro Garagnani and the current standings of the remaining players. It also mentions the previous winnings of Briton Talal Shakerchi and the upcoming schedule for the race.

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