“Rixio13” from Venezuela finished third

“Rixio13” from Venezuela finished third

Rixio13″ from Venezuela is the winner of the third game(LATAM LEAGUE 4). He defeated 132 Latin American players and defined the match in a heads-up with the great Argentinian “Rodrigo27”. The third place is “zarachobox” with a prize of US$36.

In addition to the victory of the Venezuelan player, the outstanding performance of “zarachobox” is also worthy of attention. Rodrigo27”, won first place on the first date and second place on the second date. With a second place finish in the third round, he is now the undisputed leader in the race for the winning ticketMonthly Ranking .

Updated monthly rankings here

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These are the final rankings and prize money of this LATAM LEAGUE 4 (the third competition)

“Rixio13” from Venezuela finished third


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    This text provides information about the winner of the LATAM LEAGUE 4 game, Rixio13 from Venezuela, who defeated 132 Latin American players and had a heads-up match against Argentinian player Rodrigo27. The text also highlights the performance of zarachobox, who secured third place. Additionally, it mentions upcoming events and opportunities for free entry to the qualifying rounds.

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