Roberto Perez travels from coast to coast to win his first GGMillion$

Roberto Perez travels from coast to coast to win h...

Tuesday night marks GGPoker’s most important regular tournament, the €10,000 buy-in event called GGMillion$.

This week, the Hispanic community received an extra boost with the presence of Roberto Perez, known around the room as “LemonHouse“, although he also appeared there as an incarnation of Davy Jones, the character from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean,” from which he got another nickname.

Roberto was the temporary chip leader at the start of the game, albeit a nominal one. Brazil’s “Axelroses“, Moldova’s “Pavel Plesuv” and Israel’s “Barak Wisbrod” are waiting for a regular pot to disrupt the situation.

The second group is Volodymyr Palamar, Oliver Weis and Eliot Hudon, WPT World Champions.

The table, completed by Ottomar Ladva and Maher Nouira, is already small.

As an alternative to watching the replay of the final, you may prefer GGPoker related playerSteve Enriquez‘s own production, who was supported byAlberto Perez “Catof” is sung on the microphone.

Roberto Perez got Hudon off to a good start with KK against QQ on a pair of brilliant tracks with three of them

These The defeat allowed Roberto and Pavel Plesov to escape the pursuit, and the two moved side by side, exchanging positions at different stages of the game, but both went straight to the HU.

The Spaniard Suspicious of the Moldovans’ intentions, they did not wait for the final duel. Although “Axelroses” woke up and initially wanted to compete with his two opponents, but then chose the wrong time to scare Roberto, he started to seal the game on the third table. But not our hero, who dealt a decisive blow to his opponent’s small straight with a river bluff on a very complicated table.

@ @’s FT was awesome pgroberto in GGmillions, he mastered Mesica so well 🚜.

This club is particularly elegant on the river without any obvious bluffing.

Congratulations! 🥳🍋🍋

— G4 (@gforcall) March 13, 2024

Plesuv enters HU with 25bb vs. our 185bb cash Expertfinished the heads-up match effortlessly and won $315,092.

Roberto Perez travels from coast to coast to win h...


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