The Strategic Link Between Poker and Business

The Strategic Link Between Poker and Business

Jenny Just Co-founder of financial firm PEAK6 Investments in During her three decades of experience, she has gained valuable insights into strategic thinking and risk management. She advises anyone, especially women, who wants to become an entrepreneur and succeed in business, to learn how to play poker.

I just discovered this connection while learning to play poker with her daughter. He realized that because of his day job, he was familiar with the strategies and skills needed to win the game. “I always learn from my mistakes. I can learn by watching my hands on the table, but it’s not the same as hands in life,” he said.

Jenny I just realized that poker has a lot in common with the business world.

According to Just, there are four particularly relevant qualities that can be developed through poker:

  1. Management of available resources: Poker is not just about It’s not about winning a hand, it’s about strategically allocating available resources to maximize your odds of success. This skill is fundamental to negotiation and business decision-making.
  2. Develop and strategize: As you play more poker games, you’ll learn to read your opponents, bluff and predict outcomes. This type of strategic thinking is crucial in both poker and business, allowing you to analyze different situations and make informed decisions.
  3. Confidence at all times: Gathering information and trusting yourself to know your abilities is an important step in developing a sound strategy. As you learn to take calculated risks, starting with smaller bets and gradually increasing the difficulty of situations, you will gain experience and confidence in your decision-making.
  4. Living With Risk: When You Are Comfortable When taking risks, it is important to know how to manage them properly. By remembering the cards dealt and your opponent’s previous bets, you can calculate the odds and make an informed decision. However, it is also important to know when to fold and resist the temptation to increase your bet in an attempt to recover losses.

Just stresses that these skills acquired through poker are vital to his own career. Learning from mistakes and cutting losses quickly is the key to his company’s success.

The connection between poker and business is becoming clearer, proving that poker is not just a card game, but a valuable learning tool. Want to develop strategic skills.

The Strategic Link Between Poker and Business


  • This text highlights the valuable insights that Jenny Just, co-founder of financial firm PEAK6 Investments, has gained through her experience in strategic thinking and risk management. She suggests that learning to play poker can be beneficial for anyone, especially women, who aspire to become entrepreneurs and succeed in business. Poker teaches skills such as resource management, strategic thinking, confidence-building, and risk management, which are all essential qualities in the business world.

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