[Video] Ahrendts Turns $100,000 Into a Bracelet, Has Another $2.5 Million

[Video] Ahrendts Turns $100,000 Into a Bracelet, H...

Jans Ahrends A well-known player in the virtual circle , reached the climax of the campaign on Wednesday night. His performance came in Event 29 of the World Series of Poker, a $100,000 high roller event.

There were 93 entrants in the competition, and only 6 entrants on the final day, which resulted in a grand prize of $2,576,729 for the Dutchman, his first career bracelet and the Dutch The team’s tenth bracelet at the WSOP. Interestingly, this is only his second ITM in the series: the first was on Monday when he finished third in Event #23, another high stakes event but a buy The deposit amount is $50,000 $694,019.

Adrien Mateos was unable to take a championship photo and add his fifth bracelet.

Although the final day lasted less than three hours, the beginning was complicated for the Dutchman. He lost big pots in the first few hands and lost his top spot in the tournament. However, he regained the chip lead after going up against Adrian Mateos. Mateos, who regained the chip lead.

The lead didn’t last long as the Spaniard hit a series of excellent pots and eliminated Jeremy Ausmus ranks fifth. Shortly thereafter,

Chance Kornuth also had a bye, making up the three-hander Mateos The advantages are obvious. But in the big pot, Arends got a full house against a straight from Mateos, took control and didn’t let go. A few minutes later, Jans knocked out Amadi in third place and began a heads-up match against Cary Katz, with a four-to-one advantage.

Although the US team successfully doubled, it was not enough to snatch the victory from the European team. Katz finished second for $1,592,539, making him the highest paid braceletless player on the live tour. The recreational player has earned more than $39 million in live tournaments.

Arends is from the Netherlands and is no stranger to winning WSOP bracelets. In 2022, he won his first gold medal in an online event. However, when he won the gold medal for the second time, he felt very different. “Live performances are very different,” Ahrends explained. “There’s more pressure, there are people, there are cameras, the final table is being broadcast live. There’s extra pressure. The first game is just an online tournament, and at the end people basically just see who wins. That’s how it is.” Very different. more special. ”

The win also represented his largest cash prize, nearly double his live tournament earnings, which prior to this tournament totaled $2,900,000.

Buy-In: $100,000Entries: 93Pot: $8,997,750

Final Table

Jans Arends – $2,576,729 2nd

Cary Katz – $1,592,539 3rd

Adrian Mateos – $1,142,147 4th Place

Chance Kornuth – $833,854 5.

Jeremy Osmus – $619,919 6.

Ding standard – $469,464 7.

Justin Bonomo – $362,279 8.

Ren Lin – $284,979

*All prize pools.

Source: WSOP.com.

[Video] Ahrendts Turns $100,000 Into a Bracelet, H...

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  • This text discusses the success of Jans Arends, a Dutch poker player, in the World Series of Poker. Arends won a high roller event, earning a grand prize of $2,576,729 and his first career bracelet, solidifying his position in the virtual poker community.

  • This text provides a summary of Jans Ahrends’ victory in Event 29 of the World Series of Poker, where he won a grand prize of $2,576,729 and his first career bracelet. It also mentions his previous success in online events and highlights the pressure and excitement of live tournaments.

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    This text describes Jans Ahrends, a Dutch poker player, winning a high roller event at the World Series of Poker and earning a prize of $2,576,729, his first career bracelet, and the Dutch team’s tenth bracelet at the WSOP. It also mentions his previous success in online events and his experience of live tournaments being different and more special.

  • This text describes Jans Arends winning the $100,000 high roller event at the World Series of Poker, earning over $2.5 million and his first career bracelet. Arends’ victory came after a tough final day that saw him battle against top players like Adrian Mateos and Cary Katz.

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