WSOP 2023: That’s what you call a “sir.” Bad beat”.

WSOP 2023: That's what you call a

The World Series of Poker must have had hundreds of unrecorded bad beats, some normal, some extraordinary, but this is one case that was brought to light and it’s amazing!

While no details were released about specific tournaments or players involved, photos of Mark Longhurst were posted to Twitter

Displays chips and WSOP menu. In this hand, the Kiwi player found himself in a shocking and very exciting situation, with live tournament earnings of around $10,453.

After a pre-flop all-in, Mark took the lead with J J Jacks. The villain has ten 10 10. When the villain sees that the flop is 9 J J J, he has no doubts that he will lose because his opponent has played poker in the first three communities, which confuses everyone but the variance is in his favor.

The Q move reduces the opponent’s options to just two cards, the 8 of Hearts and the King. Fortunately, the river was one of those distressing cards, the 8 completing the villain’s straight flush and giving him a win that left the table empty.

Imagine flopping a quad in the WSOP and losing the hand.

— Mark Longhurst (@The_guv_uk) June 14, 2023

Incredible defeat at the World Series of Poker is a reminder of the drama and heartbreak Surprise Situations This can happen during live games, conflicting with player expectations.


  • How do you deal with a bad beat?

There is nothing more irritating at the poker table than a bad beat. You go all-in with the best hand, but the cards conspire against you. If not managed properly, it can be heartbreaking and completely disrupt a meeting. A while back, the Natural8 blog offered these tips to help you deal with bad rhythms effectively and take your game to the next level.

Prepare Ahead

Most of this article is devoted to discussing what to do if a bad shot happens. But in reality, most of the fighting happens in your head. It starts before you sit down at the table. The key is to go into the game with the right mindset. If you’re stressed about events outside of poker, or just in a bad mood, you’re less likely to be disappointed.

Negrenu finished 11th in the Main Event and was eliminated. It even happened to him…

If you’re having trouble with relationships, bills, or work, avoid gambling. If you must gamble, do whatever it takes to clear your head. Meditate, practice yoga, nap, pray, and more. This is a very personal thing and it will be different for everyone. All you have to do is make sure you are in the right frame of mind before dealing the cards.

Failure is part of the game

Failure will happen to you. Like death and taxes, players are guaranteed to be hot, but still lose some time. It is important that you recognize this, understand it and accept the fact. It will help you maintain emotional balance.

Imagine going all out with AA against 6 5 preflop. What a wonderful place that would be. But the loser here still has a 19.21% chance of winning – you lose 19 out of 100 times this hand is played!

If you can keep track of it, dealing the cards becomes a lot easier vs. bad beats. Another technique that may help is laughing. Describe the negativity in your head as something light and pleasant.

Also, if you benefit from a bad failure, tell everyone at the table what happened, even if they saw it. You don’t have to apologize because it’s just part of the game. However, saying you benefited from the meltdown can help you avoid future bias. Instead of focusing on the negative things every time you experience a setback, you remember things in a more balanced way.

Dealing Right

When bad things strike, it’s important to stay calm. Remember, maintaining a positive attitude and perspective is everything. At the end of the day, we are all human and emotions can bring out the best in us. But you have to fight it and avoid leaning.

This is another subjective area, and everyone has their own personal techniques for staying focused. Do whatever you can maybe to take a break from the dinner table for a while. Get some fresh air, smoke a cigarette, stretch, make a phone call; do whatever distracts you have to.

If you stay at the table, it might be a good idea to play it safe. When you’re emotionally out of balance, don’t rush into things. Avoid entering pots with speculative hands. When you play, try to control the size of the pot.

Do what you can to prevent negativity from poisoning your mind. Go where you’re happy You can be grateful You’re lucky to have disposable income to play the games you love when everyone else is living in poverty. Think about your family and friends. It might sound corny, but when it comes to bad beats, attitude is everything.

Realize that you’re playing well

Eventually you have to be stacked enough for someone to kick you out. What more could you want, isn’t that what we play poker for? All you can hope for is to win a big pot with a strong hand. Have you found this place yet Well done! Keep working hard and you will be a successful player.

Be sure to study the hand after practice to make sure it was a bad game. Are you sure you are playing right? Stay humble and be honest with yourself. Don’t be arrogant. Discuss the hand with your friends, which is something you should always do when trying to improve your game. This will help you move forward while also giving you a sense of foresight.

Remember, losing is good for the poker ecosystem.Pisces won’t play against talented players unless they have a little luck to fall back on. What Phil Hellmuth said: “I think I’d beat them all if I had no luck.”


Bad rhythms are not fun, but they are unavoidable. Dealing with them effectively is just part of being a successful player. Ultimately, handling crashes is a must-have skill. It’s no different than bankroll management, understanding position, or building hand ranges. Go for it, you’ll get better with practice.

WSOP 2023: That's what you call a

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