Abílio Moço wins HighS title at Brazil Suprema

Abílio Moço wins HighS title at Brazil Suprema

In yesterday’s Suprema Brazil’s 11th straight match, several players scored big wins and increased budgets. In the R$2,500 HighS 250K GTD, Abílio “Galhetinhas” Moço lost R$69,081 against 112 opponents.

“TorbiarzXD” in turn earned a reputation as the winner of the R $250 Battle 250K GTD. He was the first out of 1,012 entrants to win R$36,110.

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R$550 Mini HighS (225 entrants)

Championship: “F.e.a.r” R $24,817

R$ 150 Big Plus 100K GTD (507 entries)

Champion: “Jw” R $21,666

R$ 75 MYSTERY 100K GTD (1,540 entrants)

Championship: “AAIROZO” R$ 13,462

Abílio Moço wins HighS title at Brazil Suprema

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  • This text appears to be a report on the recent matches and winnings in a Brazilian Suprema game. It mentions several players and their successes, as well as the amount of money they won. The information provided seems to focus on the highlights of the matches and the monetary rewards earned by the players.

  • In yesterday’s Suprema Brazil match, several players had significant wins and increased their budgets. Notable winners include TorbiarzXD who won the R $250 Battle, Abílio Galhetinhas Moço who lost R$69,081, and F.e.a.r who won the R$550 Mini HighS championship.

  • The text discusses the recent victories and financial gains of several players in a Brazilian Suprema match. It provides details of the amounts won and the number of opponents in each event, highlighting the top performers in each category.

  • I think the text is highlighting the success of several players in a recent Suprema Brazil match, where they won significant amounts of money. It shows the competitiveness of the tournament and the skill of the players involved.

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