KSOP GGPoker SA: Felipe Mojave opens odds on Ultra HR

Felipe Mojave Opens Odds on KSOP GGPoker's R$100K...

KSOP GGPoker’s South American leg will begin next week, and it will be a historic leg. In addition to a hefty guarantee of BRL 50,000,000, the event in Rio de Janeiro offers a wide range of competition and good news. The latest announcement from GGPoker Ambassador Felipe Mojave is crucial for buying odds.

The globally renowned PokerStake website (formerly PocketFives), with its online leaderboards and excellent “stake” platform, offers the opportunity to sell and buy players’ stakes in various live tournaments. This approach is very common and has been a huge success throughout the community.

In fact, Daniel Negreanu is a major pioneer of the platform, selling his fantastic WSOP straights to play with his fans. Most recently, Doug Polk also Sold his stake in the Millionaire cash game, in which Mojave was an investor.

For the first time, buy and sell odds are available on PokerStake in Brazil, with KSOP GGPoker leading the charge. Felipe Mojave will be honored on the platform to kick off the practice. He’s also preparing a very special tournament for it.

Open your PokerStake.com account now and don’t miss your chance to win cash. All transfers are made via PIX, automatically converted, and without any fees. You only need to deposit $5 Start investing now.

The star has chosen a historic super high stakes tournament that offers investors the chance to get one share with a purchase price of R$100,000. In. The star is in There is still 33% available for purchase on Sunday (21st). Just visit this link.

The tournament is one of the most anticipated and will feature many international and Brazilian poker stars. This is an opportunity to invest in a top player, support him and win big. Felipe took this opportunity to sell another 33% of his shares in Bounty Hunters SHR at a purchase price of R$ 25,000.

The choice was perfect as these are the two biggest new additions to the grid being announced on this stage. However, it’s not just Mojave that has confirmed the sale of Super High Roller buy-in percentages. For other tournaments, GGPoker Ambassadors were in attendance at the event will also take part in this new feature.

Odds for many tournaments will be available on PokerStake Stake. That is why follow all these people’s social networks and register on the site, enter your details, select The players you want to invest in and start with are very important.

Felipe Mojave Opens Odds on KSOP GGPoker's R$100K...

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  • This text is promoting the upcoming KSOP GGPoker South American leg and highlighting the opportunity to buy and sell player stakes on the PokerStake platform. It mentions the success of this practice in the poker community and encourages readers to open an account and start investing for a chance to win cash.

  • Jeremy.harvey

    This text provides valuable information about the upcoming KSOP GGPoker tournament in Rio de Janeiro, including the opportunity to buy and sell player stakes through PokerStake. It highlights the involvement of GGPoker Ambassadors like Felipe Mojave and the chance for investors to support and potentially win big with top players. It’s a unique and exciting opportunity for poker enthusiasts to get involved in the action.

  • Dietrich.demetris

    This text discusses the upcoming KSOP GGPoker event in Rio de Janeiro and the opportunity to buy stakes in players through the PokerStake platform, with Felipe Mojave leading the charge. It highlights the trend of players selling stakes in live tournaments, such as Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk, and offers readers a chance to invest and potentially win big. The event promises to feature many international and Brazilian poker stars, making it an exciting opportunity for those interested in poker investing.

  • This text is promoting a new feature on PokerStake.com where players can buy and sell stakes in live poker tournaments, with Felipe Mojave leading the charge for the upcoming KSOP GGPoker event in Rio de Janeiro. This offers a unique opportunity for investors to support top players and potentially win big in the tournaments.

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