What are your goals for this WSOP 2023?

What are your goals for this WSOP 2023?

Mental Games What are your goals for the 2023 WSOP? Everyone wants to win a World Series bracelet, but a poorly designed goal can lead to frustration.

¿ Cuáles son tus tus objetivos para WSOP 2023?

With WSOP 2023 just over a month away, many players’ eyes are already on the Las Vegas tables However, with a festival of this magnitude, planning ahead can be crucial .

Some professional players like Daniel Negreanu , current main event champion, Espen Jorstad , and Daniel Cates Having revealed their goals for the year, it’s no coincidence that three of the most important players in the world all have clear goals this summer .

A player’s success at the World Series of Poker goes beyond winning bracelets or even playing in the ITM. Part of the key is balancing expectations and reality for a rich experience that takes players beyond winning.

Wanting to win the Main Event is a valid but perhaps unrealistic goal, not least because it involves so many factors beyond the control of pro gamers. Spending a certain amount of time at the table , playing all events with a certain buy-in, or reviewing important hands after each game , yes, these are goals that are measurable and therefore produce results.

“When preparing for the WSOP, it’s too broad to just say you want to win bracelets and make money. Take the time to set goals and it will help you stay motivated and focused. When you step back and think about where you are right now Game Station, identify areas where you need to improve or challenges you will face and you will ensure that no matter what happens at this WSOP, you will be a better player”, Jared Tendler .

As this psychological coach says, pre-reflection is critical to setting yourself up for success . Even impromptu goals like “improve your English conversation skills” or “build an international study group” could be some of the goals in the upcoming 2023 WSOP.

What are your goals for this WSOP 2023?

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  • Morissette.sandrine

    This text discusses the importance of setting clear and achievable goals for the 2023 WSOP in order to avoid frustration and enhance the overall experience. It emphasizes the significance of balancing expectations and reality, as well as the necessity of pre-reflection in preparation for success.

  • The text emphasizes the importance of setting realistic and measurable goals for the 2023 WSOP, rather than solely focusing on winning bracelets. It suggests that players should plan ahead and balance their expectations with the reality of the game in order to have a fulfilling experience. Additionally, the text highlights the significance of reflecting on one’s current abilities and challenges to improve as a player.

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